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Caregivers Are Companions... On A Very Long Journey.
We Need To Aid Each Other In A Joint Effort To Hang Onto A healthy Life And... Survive.

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Most BRAIN INJURY survivors will require the service of a full-time caregiver because of the limitations they will experience following an injury. 

There are two million Injuries a year, with about half resulting in a short term disability. 

51, 000 who suffer a brain injury will die and 90,000 will sustain a long-term memory loss.

BRAIN INJURY is the leading cause of DEATH or DISABILITY under the age of 44.

These injuries not only affect the survivor's life, but it will also profoundly affect the life of the primary caregiver.

The lasting effects of a BRAIN INJURY will rob both the survivor and the caregiver of the freedom, and life they knew before the injury changed their life.

Becoming a primary caregiver means forfeiting their life as they knew it before the injury invaded their loved ones life.

It is an extremely stressful situation that creates problems for the caregiver that they are not prepared to cope with.

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Joan Landon
Michele’s Mom

(BI 8/18/94)

Miles Affleck    
Ryan’s Dad

(BI 3/15/97)
Ila Nofziger
(North Carolina)
Debbie’s Mom

(BI 12/26/95)
Paulette Keeney
Nate's Mom
(BI 6/19/98)


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